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Over 100 Indian students enrolled at Strathclyde
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About StrathEdu

Strathedu is promoted by Nithi Anand Sevaguru, an alumni of the University of Strathclyde (MBA, 1996). His work experience spans over 10 years in academics which includes teaching British degree programs both in India and Malaysia. Nithi is now a management consultant and also an advisor for students intending to study at Strathclyde. He is an active member of the University of Strathclyde South India Alumni.

Strathedu is authorised by the University of Strathclyde to act on behalf of students who wish to make applications to the University. Our services are end to end and incorporates the complete process from enquiry to departure to UK. We are here to ensure that there is no loose ends and that you are completely taken care right from the time you seek our career counseling. We are here to ensure you take up the program suited for your career aspirations. If Strathclyde's offerings are not a match to your career ambitions we will be very direct with you.


Application Process

We are an approved agency of University of Strathclyde.

  • Academic queries &
    Connecting with current
  • Application and follow up
    with the relevant
  • Offer letter and Conditions
    (if any)
  • Accommodation advice
  • Visa application counseling
  • Travel arrangements advice
  • Pre-departure briefing
    (Meeting Strathclyde
  • Connecting with students
    currently in Glasgow before
  • Depart to Glasgow
  • Meet and Greet upon arrival
    in Glasgow by fellow Indian
  • Staying in touch for
    job/internship placement
    assistance in India (to be

Call: (+91) 91-7685-7685
Email: nithi@strathedu.com

Student Testimonials

  • The 12 months that I spent in Glasgow to study at Strathclyde Business School was the most rewarding and unforgettable experience of my life. Learning from peers representing different nationalities with diverse work experience is very significant value addition of my stint at Strathclyde. The project is very challenging phase of any post graduate program at Strathclyde University, which is known for rigorous and pioneering work in academic research. My group won the bid to pursue MBA project in a Business transformation consulting engagement with one of the US based fortune 500 companies in UK. Our group spent 6 months, out of which 3 months to work on the proposal and its defence to secure the internship and the remaining 3 months extensively on the project. Our hard work was rewarded when our group of 3 members were awarded the Roy Jenkins Prize for the Best MBA Project of the year 2011-12 out of 250 cohorts submitted from 9 International centres of Strathclyde Business School. I was also given an opportunity to pursue coursework at Emlyon Business School in France as part of an exchange program. Therefore, I visited France and Geneva and have wonderful memories of my exchange program. In short one year MBA at Strathclyde is exhaustive and enriching program. Work Hard!! Play Hard!! Looking back my parents have no regret and also consider that this is the best investment they have made for me in terms of returns on a long term basis.


  • "Strathclyde helps me to deepen my knowledge and skills in managing innovation both strategically and operationally. I enjoy the cross-nationalities and cross disciplinary nature of the programme" Truly a place to learn!!!!


  • My first trip abroad was to Glasgow to get my Masters in Engineering Design. University of Strathclyde gave me one of the best years of my life, Scotland turned out to be a beautiful country with warm people and a lively accent. I was able to tap into the vast knowledge that the university has accumulated over the past. I was under the guidance of highly qualified faculty members and I learned the tricks of the trade so to speak, the multicultural and multi-disciplinary nature of the students is a perfect platform to learn to work as a part of the team and learn the know how's of team building. DMEM (design Manufacture Engineering Management) offers a wide array of multifaceted programs and top tier facilities for its students, courses are designed with industry standards and practice in mind, an opportunity to work on design projects with industry partners. One can experience Scotland's rich culture by visiting places such as Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and the Scottish highlands boasts some of the best scenic place in the world.


  • "Pertaining to studies I personally that this one year (2012-13) was the best experience I've had in my education career. It was a very refreshing experience having been exposed to a new culture which is so extravagant. Moreover I met a lot of people from diverse background during my course tenure. Having studied in India where books and exams take priority, to study in a new atmosphere where technical writing is considered to be important was really helpful. Even though it was quite hard at the beginning of the course, during the latter part especially during the project phase it was quite easy for me to elaborately write a technical thesis. Apart from this, I personally learned how to undertake a research prior to any assignment. Meeting the alumni before departing was quite helpful because we came to know about Glasgow well in advance and moreover about the issues going on in that place, about the university life and many other things" Hadrian Vivek MSc Sustainable Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment.


  • I joined Strathclyde as an MSc student in the Department of Biomedical engineering and have been doing my PhD since 2012. Being the first time in a foreign country, I felt really concerned about having to talk to the Profs and lecturers here. To my surprise, I found that they were really nice to me and made me feel confident during my conversations with them. Only later that I had understood that if we have a talent that stands out and you have the capability to display it in a professional manner, the University recognises it and encourages us to progress further in the field. The students who take the available opportunities to their advantage at Strathclyde have always had a wonderful progress in their career.


  • I joined Strathclyde University September 2013 for Masters in Marketing Program. Before joining University, I had a few preconceived notions about the lifestyle and the teaching modules in UK. Some good some and some not so good. But Strathclyde, has been the perfect choice for me as well as for many other international students. Strathclyde- being located in the third largest city in UK with a thriving multicultural population, an opportunity to learn and explore. The course is good and the modules are taught by some of the best professors in the university. The amazing facilities and usage of technology both to academics as well as leisure gives students like me different experience and pathway to a professional and successful lifestyle choice.


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